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Why Ofroe?

Getting a haircut from your neighborhood barber is a hassle. Most barbershops only take walk-ins with long wait times or have an unreliable system to book and schedule appointments. Luckily the Ofroe Barber App solves those problems.

Now clients can schedule, cancel, book and pay their barber online all from one mobile app.

Best of all, Ofroe is FREE to download starting April 2019!

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Ofroe for Barbers

In today’s app-based world, there are plenty of apps for barbers to schedule and book appointments. However there is only ONE app that’s specifically designed for the convenience of barbers/stylists and their clients. 


Easy 24/7 Scheduling

Clients easily book appointments at their convenience 24/7 thanks to our online and always-on scheduling system!


Simple & Quick Payment

Clients pay through the app and barbers instantly cash out any time of day, making everything effortless.


No Show Protection

Cancellations and no-shows happen, so we’ve built a reliable system to ensure barbers are paid for their time.


Peak Time Pricing

Charge clients higher rates on your busier days/times and holidays with our peak time pricing feature.


Complete Flexibility

Complete pricing and schedule flexibility. Set your own pricing, breaks, days-off, peak times, and cancellation policy.


No Monthly Subscriptions

Free to download for barbers and clients. No monthly subscriptions, setup costs or hardware.

Ofroe Barber App Features

We’ve packed a big punch into a little app. Get the blow by blow below.


Simplicity is our top priority. Unlike other management apps, we offer easy to use scheduling, a pre-populated list of services and times, and an intuitive dashboard.


We understand how much of your business will be on our app, that’s why we've partnered with the highest rated payment and data service providers.


Keep track of all your clients in the app, as well as a record of all their appointments and a photo timeline to easily identify a clients needs or trends.


Our review system allows clients to rate each individual barber and not the overall barbershop. This ensures your ratings aren't affected by other barbers in the shop.

How Ofroe Works

Find out how the Ofroe Barber App works for both barbers and clients.

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Licensed Barbers/Stylists Only!

Our app is designed specifically for licensed barbers and stylists that don’t have enough time or resources to manage a complicated appointment scheduling software on top of a POS system, Google Reviews and more.

Furthermore, we focus our app on BARBER APPOINTMENTS ONLY. Not dentists, nail salons, massage parlors, etc. 

We’re proud to say that we’re the only app focused on helping licensed barbers manage and grow their businesses with ease.

Barbers, tired of clustered walk-ins?

Easily convert clients from walk-ins to appointments with the Ofroe Barber App and maximize your profits.

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Ofroe, A Barber's Sharpest Tool! Set to launch April 2019.

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