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The Barbershop – Every Man’s Refuge

What do you imagine when you hear the word ‘barbershop?’ The red, white, and blue striped pole perpetually spiraling down? Barbers meticulously clipping hair and carefully sculpting facial hair through the storefront window? The commencement of men, chewing the fat, taking a break from the daily grind? The answer is probably yes to all of the above, and it is also so much more than that. It is a place to do more than just ‘clean up’, a place where the barber and the barbershop culture become your friend, your family, your go-to guy.For many years, that was the epitome of a barbershop. Somehow it faded and got lost in translation, either sadly shaping into a pure monotonous-hair-cutting-money-making machine, or transforming into a mass-chain-unisex-type salon. It is more than a place for men to get a haircut and a shave–it is a place where men can strongly sense camaraderie, a place where men can grip manliness, and a place that men can take refuge.And now it is has seriously made a comeback–the barbershop has reinvented its manly atmosphere with modern design and laid out the luxurious list of high-end services. It tailors to each and every need of the modern man.

So why choose a barbershop?

Men know men’s hair

It may seem too obvious, but who better to cut a man’s hair than a man? Barbers are specifically trained in the tools needed for men’s hair, like clippers, straight razors, shaving equipment and more. They know the many styles of many different hair types, masterfully crafting the right cut for each individual’s desire.

Getting the perfect shave

Barbers have perfected the art of the ‘barbershop experience’–whether that means gently wrapping a hot towel to the face, smoothing on shave cream, and meticulously shaping the facial hair with an old-fashioned straight razor. What barbers envision for their clients goes beyond the chair–they want those men to feel confident at that next interview or social event, and looking forward to their next trim or clean shave.

Creating a conversation, or even new social circles

What better way to spend your time than at a shop for men? Time in the chair is a great place to relax, but it’s also a great place to talk with interesting guys. Casual conversations, jokes, and banter pop up, a way to let out some heat. It’s a place to exchange ideas about news, politics, hobbies, sports, and family. And when a real barbershop community is established, everyone is involved. It can shape a new social circle, or bring a tighter bond to a group of friends. It’s what you want to make of it.So don’t settle for mediocre. Try out the barbershop experience–you won’t regret it.And soon you’ll be able to book that great experience using Ofroe. Click here for more info on how the Ofroe Mobile App for Barbershops works.

Need to find a barber shop?

Check out screenshots of the Ofroe Barber App and visit the How Ofroe Works Page to find out more.

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