Top 5 Tips to Increase Sales in your Barbershop

If you’re a barber shop owner looking to increase your sales in your barbershop, we have some great tips for you that won’t cost you a thing.

We know that you might not have that big of a budget, in some cases it might be zero. That’s why we’ve taken the time to talk about five ways to boost sales that anyone can do with just a little time and effort each day or month.

#1 – Google Reviews

As a barbershop, you have a high chance of getting online reviews. Whether good or bad, these reviews should be managed. You should take the time to respond to each review, both good and bad, with high quality and professional responses. 

Good reviews on Google and other platforms go a long way with attracting new clientele and can be a large factor in helping you increase sales in your barbershop.

#2 – Selling Opportunities

When you get a haircut, you might notice the smell of the shampoo or the feel of the hair products. Your client will notice those same things. If they comment on how good the shampoo smells, take time to tell them about it. 

Better yet, if it’s a proprietary brand, let them know that too. If they like a product, let them see the bottle up close. It’s what they will be thinking about as they get their hair cut and for the rest of the day, ultimately helping you increase sales in your barbershop.

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#3 – Great Habits

Whether it’s just you or a whole team of stylists, you need to make sure that everyone knows the goals. For this, you should work to set weekly goals and develop a rewards system for when you or your team get to them. 

You should always make sure to get to work early to get set up and leave after everything has been prepared for the next day.

By taking a few extra minutes a day, you can ensure that you will be managing your time better and look more professional, both great ways to increase sales.

Here’s a great book you can buy to help you “Get Things Done.”

#4 – Product Party

This idea might take some talking but the rewards are well worth it. If you can get a hold of free products from new manufacturers or samples that are FREE to you, you’re ready. 

Each month throw an after hours party to introduce this new line to your clients. Offer a few free drinks or just offer raffles of the new product. Make sure to host demonstrations as well. 

You should also offer some sort of discount that evening to your customers should they book an appointment while they are there. 

Most importantly make sure to have fun and increase profits at the same time!

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 #5 – Online Presence

Not only should you have a great website, but you should have top notch social media as well. While a website is not free, social media is the real focus here and it is! Take time to integrate your social media with a posting tool such as Buffer or Sprout Social

This will allow you to post the same thing across all channels with ease, saving time while making your online world look great. Make sure that your customers can get to you through Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, and Twitter DM. 

Though you might have an online portal for bookings, sometimes going the little extra mile to answer a customer’s question wherever they may ask it can lead to an impression, an eventual booking and a lifelong client.

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