How Often Should You See Your Barber?

Perhaps the single most complicated question to answer overall is how often you should see your barber. 

This answer greatly depends on what services you are using as well as the type and style of hair you have. Another complicating factor, are you getting more than a haircut?

Did you know that you can use a barber not only for a haircut but also for a weekly shave, facial, beard black, beard treatment, or hair treatment? 

Quickly, it becomes obvious that how often someone should see their barber really depends on the person and what they are looking for.

With that sad news, there is something that can make your decisions easier. All you have to do is ask yourself three questions no matter if looking for a beard style or hair style.


The Three

1. How fast your hair grows

The first question may not seem so obvious. However, as you begin to pay more attention, you should become aware of how fast your hair grows. 

While the average person’s hair grows about 6 inches a year, this is just an average. If your hair grows really fast, that means more appointments!

2. The style you have or want

If you have long and natural hair, you might decide you don’t want a cut as often. 

On the other hand, if you have a styled cut that is shorter, you might need a haircut when it starts to look “grown out” over styled. 

Here’s a list of the 100 best men’s hairstyles for 2019 from Men’s Hairstyle Trends.

Talk to or go see your barber

This can be a great conversation with your barber as they will have an understanding of how fast your hair grows and what it’ll look like as it gets longer. 

Also, do some self-reflecting. If that image of you is looking for a trim, head to the barber! 

When choosing a barber, try to find one that takes appointments. Find out why in this article, “Are Walk-Ins Worth The Wait?”

3. How you judge that your hair is too long

Similar to the last answer, this is self-answering. If you want short hair that stays short, you need to go to the barber more often. Sometimes getting a haircut every two or three weeks.

A lot of times men just go to the barbershop to get a shave, engage in friendly banter with the neighborhood guys, and even sometimes get therapy. 

Find out more in this article, “The Barbershop – Every Man’s Refuge.”

Still Looking for Simplification?

It might seem unfair that we just answered a question with another question. In fact, we answered one question with three. 

However, fear not! For those looking for a simpler answer, we have general guides for haircuts and trims based on age. 

If you try these guidelines and find it’s not often enough, then simply get an appointment with your barber sooner. If it’s too often, go less. 

This chart, however, makes a great starting point!


How Often to Get a Cut

4-10 Years10-12 weeks
10-16 Years8-10 Weeks
16-21 Years3-6 Weeks
21-35 Years1-3 Weeks
35-50 Years3-6 Weeks
50-80 Years8-10 Weeks
80+ YearsAs Often As You Wish

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