Scheduling Policies 


1. Re-Scheduling

If you are unable to make your originally scheduled appointment, you have the option to reschedule your appointment up to three times within the same 2 week period from your originally scheduled appointment. If your appointment is within 24 hours and you need to re-schedule, a cancellation fee will be incurred.

To reschedule your appointment, simply open the ‘My Appointments’ tab in the app, find the appropriate appointment, slide to the left on the appointment and tap ‘Re-schedule’.

2. Cancellations

To cancel an appointment, open the ‘My Appointments’ tab in the app, find the appropriate appointment, slide to the left on the appointment and tap ‘Cancel’. Please note you will incur a cancellation fee.

3. Cancellation fees

You have the option to cancel your appointment at any time. To compensate your barber for their time, we will apply a cancellation fee to all bookings as per your Barber’s preferences. See your barber’s profile/availability page to view their cancellation policy. The cancellation fee is based on your Barber’s preference and can range from 25% to 100% of the total of the booking.

4. No-Show Fee/Policy

No-show fees are assessed when clients do not show up to their appointment and are charged under these circumstances:

  • Your barber was available at the address for the appointment
  • Your barber waited 5 minutes or more for you to show
  • Your barber attempted to verbally announce your name in the shop at least once

5. How to dispute a fee

If you think you were wrongly charged a fee, we’d be happy to help. Simply use the app’s ‘Help’ tab.

  • Open the app, then tap the menu button in the top left corner
  • Tap ‘Help’
  • Tell us more about your problem, then follow any instructions. If needed, we’ll ask for a brief description of what happened and review the booking.



As consideration for your time and effort, Barbers receive cancellation and no-show fees. Fees are based on your cancellation preferences that are set up during your application process and can be changed anytime in your profile settings.

1. Cancellations by Clients

If a client cancels an appointment, you will earn a cancellation fee based on your Cancellation Preferences and your ‘Payout’ structure. By default, your cancellation policy is set to 50%, but you have the option to change this to 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of the total from the booking. Cancellation preferences can be changed any time in your Barber Profile Settings in the Ofroe app. Any changes to your cancellation policy only apply to future booked appointments.

Please note Ofroe reserves the right to withhold, deduct, or reduce the amount of any cancellation fee payments at our discretion, including if fees are determined or believed to result from error, fraud, or a violation of the Ofroe Terms of Use.

2. Client No-Shows

No-Show fees are assessed when a client doesn’t show for an appointment. The fee is 100% of the booking and the feature is optional. You’ll receive a no-show fee when a Barber:

  • Waits more than 5 minutes from the appointment time
  • Verbally announces the clients name in the barbershop at least once to confirm they aren’t there
  • Confirms the no-show appointment by tapping “No-Show” and then tapping “Confirm No-Show” 

*Please note: It is your option to assess the No-Show fee to a client. If you believe you may lose a client if a No-Show fee is assessed, simply ‘Cancel’ the appointment from your end. This will result in a full credit being issued to the client and gives your client the option to book you again without incurring any fees.

3. Barber Cancellations

Cancellations are a bad experience for all parties, so we recommend using discretion when cancelling bookings.

Barbers can cancel a booking by sliding left on the appropriate appointment and then tapping ‘Cancel’.

Of course, we know there are times when it is perfectly reasonable for you to cancel a booking you have already accepted, such as:

  • You or a loved one has an emergency
  • A natural disaster or force majeure
  • You are running behind schedule and need to cancel an appointment in order to get back on schedule

When cancelling bookings, remember that Ofroe’s community is diverse, representing different generations, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and religions. We encourage open-mindedness and mutual respect.

If you cancelled a booking for safety reasons, tap ‘Help’ in the Ofroe app to let us know.

Include the following:

  • Client’s name
  • Time and date of booking
  • Barbershop location
  • Safety concern