are barber shop walk ins worth the wait?

Are Walk-Ins Worth the Wait?

A walk-in sits in your chair, you trim them up, they’re off, and you’re onto the next. But what about when you have 4-5 people waiting their turn? Although there is something liberating about keeping a walk-in policy, it’s also a huge turnoff for the walk-in who waits for what feels like forever and desperately wants their turn. Eventually clients grow impatient and start giving you and the client in your chair the “death stare.”

Switching from Walk-in to Appointments

Switching to an appointment only schedule does have a transition period but easing in with a combination of appointments and walk-ins will help your clients understand the process better.

Starting with your walk-ins, simply explain to them that you’re switching to an appointment app. “Why?” they may ask–the benefit is that they get priority over any walk-in, i.e. they are in control of the time they choose to see you! Waiting times no longer drag out and you can manage your schedule easily according to your needs. The added bonus with using an app is that by knowing your list of services, it can manage your time slots according to your clients service choices. No more guesstimating times or more importantly, feeling imaginary daggers thrown in your direction by waiting clients. Expecting who will come in, at what time, and for what services also allows you to take your time and give your clients the services they look forward to.

Which App is Right for You?

Thinking an appointment app might be the way to go? Make sure you choose an app that handles 360º of your business. Because what’s the importance of becoming more efficient? More money.

There are other apps that make appointments, but Ofroe seals the deal by handling the entire transaction. This not only allows you to focus on your craft, but also provides a system to get paid for cancellations and no-shows.

Recap – Walk-ins vs. Appointments

As a recap, let’s do a simple breakdown of the pros and cons of appointments vs. walk-ins:

More flexibility

Waiting time minimized

Prepaid cuts/no more handling money

Time precision for services

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